Giving up my day job.

You know the saying “Don’t give up your day job”?

 This was me for many years, too concerned about the future to give away my day job. And now I have a new day job, and a night job, and a weekend job, and a holiday job. That’s O.K. because this was the job I was always doing when I was doing that other day job.

And you don’t have to guess what my new job is because you can see the results of it all over the internet—on the blog and my website, as well as on Pinterest, Facebook, and Etsy.

Or are those coloured sugar cubes?

And yes, that is my Amuse the Wind in association with Deerstalker pictures; I’m an executive producer. What that really means is that my film maker son, Elliot, and his Director of Photography, Goldie, get a cash import from me every time they publish on YouTube. Almost as being glamorous as an artist, wouldn’t you say?

So now that my time is more flexible, I travel more to Europe and anywhere else that takes my fancy. Like Venice, to collect some more gloriously delicious Venetian glass beads. I’ll try to choose a variety of colours but don’t be surprised if, when I get them home, they are my favourite dream colours.

Venitian bead necklace | Amuse the Wind

Just a few days in Venice and then I’m flitting to Portugal. I haven’t been here before so that will be a different language, a different landscape, and a brand new experience.

I’d love you to follow me on my travels. Perhaps get some LETTERS FROM MY SUITCASE, MAIL FROM EXOTIC PLACES. Can hardly wait for this. Whoo Hoo!

Mail from my suitcase, Letters from exotic places. | Amuse the Wind

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