Dealing With The Nay Sayers

I’m not quite sure I have overcome this one yet, but I would like to share my challenge with you.

It’s a challenging mountain to climb… but I’m high enough up the mountain to see the scattered remains of those nay sayers scattered around and struggling behind me.

When I was a child of 12, I drew a landscape with a very large tree in it. It was a pencil drawing that I had re-worked over a couple of days.

When I showed it to a friend, she commented “Oh Debra you didn’t draw that!” Implying that it wasn’t something that I could have done; that it was too good.

That moment made me feel insulted. It was frustrating that she didn’t believe that I drew it. If I didn’t draw it, then who did?

And at the time I didn’t think it was all that good or that it would warrant somebody saying that.

It happened again in 1984, this time it was a clothing design I had done when I was living at the Gold Coast. The comment was something along the lines of “Well you’ve had a year of studying at East Sydney Tech, and now you’ve come up here – not really your work” or something like that.

At the time I don’t think I was as hurt as the 12 year old me.

In hindsight i just think, oh what a dickhead.

Nowadays, more the probability of people making a living from a creative business is higher.

I still receive comments whether it be about the price of my items, or the name of my shop… it doesn’t seem to sting anymore.

Because I’ve had to deal with it a lot more, and I’ve somewhat teflonned against it.

Some comments are going to be negative and people are entitled to their opinion.

Or it could also be that history has told me that some comments are going to be negative and people are entitled to their opinion. They clearly think that they are entitled to say it. It doesn’t mean that they are right.

If they are wanting something cheap they can go elsewhere.

If they want something a bit natty, a bit different, something upcycled, the design, then those people will buy it.

Not everyone is going to be my ideal customer, and that’s a good thing.

I have an avatar of my ideal client, her name is Isabel, and Isabel doesn’t make comments like that about my work.

(Image Source: Hubba Marketing)

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