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Debra McPhee - Amuse the Wind
Debra McPhee – Amuse the Wind

Hello and thank you for stopping by. I’m Debra. I’m a creative artist living in Brisbane, Australia, and founder of Amuse the Wind.

I’m energetic, eclectic and I’m an entertainer. I absolutely love putting on little parties and entertaining my friends.

I studied art at several universities, and I like to both appreciate and participate. I create with a range of media and I love to play with colour. I like to make quirky, interesting things that draw you in, make you want to touch, and play, that connect with you somehow and make you think.

Sometimes I like to make my compositions a little… off. Tantalisingly ‘not quite right’. Because righting that would make it a bit dull and take away some of the intrigue, and I would prefer to present you with something a little challenging, and makes you question, think and explore. Because something that I like about my work is that people can admire the unique ingenuity of the image and how the work has been created. This is what you will find on Amuse the Wind.

Some of my pieces are based on photographs that I have taken on my travels, and some are based on a symbol, shape or pattern that takes my fancy.

I spend my days working on my art, reading novels, playing in the garden, frolicking, and talking with my cats and dogs. If it’s just you, me and the dog in the room, you can’t assume that I’m speaking to you all of the time.

Something you will learn about me very quickly: I’m a Paris girl.

I love the architecture and the ambience and it’s all in French. I speak a little bit of French and attend lessons in Brisbane, and when I go to Paris I can speak a lot more because the language is everywhere to help me. I love that too.

My connection with Paris is more intimate than most. It’s about getting to know the neighbourhoods, exploring the nooks and crannies and feeling at one with my surrounds: art nouveau buildings, incredible designs, and the fabulous floors in time-worn, creaking timber.

Of course, there are also lots of artists and galleries linked with Paris, so I can see myself being tied by gossamer thread to its historical past and vibrant present.

I’m also interested in the social history of women, and at some point, I want to create more provocative pieces about the status, experiences, and lives of women… but I still have lots of other things to do before I get to that.

I discuss new ideas or enjoy hearing something new that I haven’t thought about. I’m open to seeing things in a different light, to discuss somewhat controversial things, and to learn about the experiences of others. I continue with my personal development, education, becoming a better artist, and how I can be more connected to myself and others.

I enjoy interior design and making spaces that are visually soothing to my spirit where I can look into corners of rooms and take a mindful moment about how blessed I am. I practice gratitude on a regular basis, especially in terms of where I live and my life situation.

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